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March 12, 2012

Import All Your Data From Old Email Address To New One

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We all use email address nowadays, its a very important and convenient way to get in touch of others, and its free too. An email account allows you to do many things with it, like you can organize your contacts, schedule your meetings, use social networking site, use for photo sharing.

You can say that for almost all things you do on internet you need an email address. But many times due to several reason we need to to switch or move our email address, or change our ISP. In that case you will be in a big trouble, as you might have lots of data on your old Email account like contacts, emails and so on.

Another problem you might face is that when you change your account you will need to notify all of you contacts about your new account. If you want a solution then TrueSwitch is for you.

TrueSwitch allows you to switch your email account easily and it allows you to backup and import data from your old account to new one in just 3 simple steps. It can backup and import your emails, calendar, bookmarks, and address book.

You can also notify your old friends, who were in your old address book, about your new account by sending an email to all of them. It works fine with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Google Apps and lots of more.

To get started with it, you need to provide account details, you need to provide email address and password of both account.


Once it had verified your account, then it will show you option, like what to import and what to not, it also gives you an option which allows you to send emails to all of your old address book contacts, you can customize the email according to your needs.


You can also choose to get all emails which arrives in next 30 days to your old email address to be forwarded to new account.

Now when you click on Next button and you are done. It might take upto 48hrs to swicth your account data. It’s a quite easy to use service and nice to too. Its free with its partners like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AT&T, AOL and so on.

Visit Site :- TrueSwitch

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