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June 19, 2009 – Get Work Done By Finding Workers Online

I need things done is a web site that provides the web service of acting as the leading community in assisting people with getting any job done for the price they want to pay. The idea of the website is to allow users to post jobs with a set price and try and connect them with other people who are willing to do the job.

This site needs the community to own this site and spread the word about not only their own jobs but let others know about jobs that might interest people they know. Using the power of social applications and other websites the community needs to help spread the word about the site to make sure everyone’s job can be done.

This site posts jobs to face book and twitter automatically as well as sends out email alerts to potential people who would be willing to do the job. Your jobs will be syndicated in these social applications using the RSS feeds which can also be customized by yourself. They also pass one picture in their feeds too, so Face book will show others what exactly needs doing.

If you need something done just follow the following steps carefully and post your job.

1. Fully understand the job that you want done and get together whatever detail you can.
2. Get a rough idea on what you want done exactly and consider materials and anything that maybe needed. If you want the person doing the job to source these then include this in the detail. Set the price that you want the person to do the job for you.
3. Post a job for the standard price of $3.50 [USD] and include as much information about the job as possible.
4. Receive offers from willing people.

If you want to do the job posted and hence earn some money just follow the following steps

1. Take a look at all the open jobs, either in your area, surrounding areas or online jobs.
2. Once you find a job that you can do, offer to do it. Either stick to the offered price or try and ask for more money.
3. Get Accepted.
4. Do the job, Earn Money, Get Feedback and Repeat.

Thus there are a number of benefits to both the job poster and the person who offers to do the job. For the job poster they get responses fast and can choose who they want out of the offers. The benefit for the person who offers to do the job is obviously financial, but the other key reward is the ability for that person to build their own business and reputation. This is great for people just starting their business and who are looking for leads. Their reputation rises and soon enough word of mouth starts to kick into action.


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  1. A more popular website is which can be added to the list!
    Anyways, thanks for letting know this website too.

    Comment by TechacK — June 20, 2009 @ 12:09 am

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