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June 9, 2009 – Know Internet Usage Data Of Different Countries

InternetWorldStats is a portal which provides information regarding the number of people using internet connection in a particular country. It also provides many other statistics regarding that country from population to capital etc.

Internet is the booming technology in today’s world. The usage and requirement for internet is increasing day by day. It’s very useful for everyone from students to parents to even elders. It provides all the necessary information with just click of the mouse. Need for information is increasing at a very rapid rate and to provide this a large number of websites are developed at a very fast rate.

The number of users having internet connection has also increased to a great extent which was not possible for every person some 3-4 years ago but has been made possible by the increase in technology and need of the people.

Steps of Procedure for this Site
1.Click on the region whose statistics you want to see then select the country.
2.Check all the statistics from total population to capital city to number of internet users etc.
3.Click on country name underneath the information to see the map and country data.
4.Also check out the other links for other information like other facts and reports.


InternetWorldStats is a free resource for internet and various other statistics of various regions all over the world including growth rates, penetration rate, population, total user rates and these statistics can be shown using charts etc and comparison can be made between different regions.

Country wise usage can be seen and also internet penetration rates i.e. the rate at which the internet is growing day by day. The statistics comes from many reliable sources like TRAI, International Communication Union and other bureau.

Editor’s View

InternetWorldStats is a very good website for all those people who wants to know about the usage of internet in various parts of the world and also various other statistics. It’s really amazing to see such a large number of users on internet in various parts of the world and also various other large statistics. It’s a great source to keep this knowledge.


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