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April 4, 2009 – Stop Yourself Visiting The Addicted Websites

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There are many websites that people get addicted to. Some of these are orkut, facebook or probably all the social networking sites. The site to which you are most glued to also depends upon your interests. So if you think you are overindulged in a website and you think its getting too much, now is the time reclaim your life once again, then the service offered by this website can certainly help you a lot.

Now what you need to do is that once you open the site you will see a blue colored box that will require you to enter the url of the website you visit often but want to get rid of that habit. Now enter that url and also the time which indicates the minimum gap between successive visits to that page. This means that if you have set the time to 60 minutes then you will be notified by the browser if you visit the page more than once in 60 minutes.

After entering the website url and time gap, hit submit and you will be given an alias for that website which you need to add as a bookmark in your browser. The thing that I did not like about this service is that from now onwards if you want to be notified you should access that website from the bookmark you have just created else you will not be notified. All these details will be given in a green box.

Just under the green box you will see a blue box same as that on the home page also offering the same function but this time it will appear under the name of create another alias. Just like you did earlier, you can add the url and enter the time for another site and create a new alias which can be used as a bookmark in the same way as you did earlier.


  • Innovative idea.
  • Free of cost.
  • No other way than using bookmarks

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