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July 27, 2012

Know Your Most Retweeted And Popular Tweets

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Twitter is one of the most popular and main source of contact, most the guys whether they are politicians or business persons or just normal guys, are using it to say their words with the world. And the trends on Twitter go on fire very quickly that’s why its one of the main source of saying your words with world.

In Twitter a feature called ReTweet or you can just say RT is quite famous, if you use it then you might know about this feature, when you post something on your twitter account and if its liked by your followers or by others then they Retweet it or you can say publish the same story on their timeline.

If you had just break a story or published something which is not published by anyone yet then you might be curious to know who had retweeted your story or how many times its been retweeted by your friends.


My To Tweet by Twit Sprout is a nice service which lets you know which of your tweets is retweeted most of the times by your friends. This service only consider your latest 3200 tweets,  I know its very less.

To get started with this service just visit the site and then Authenticate your twitter account and then in the box just type your twitter username (like mine is @RahulSharma49) and then hit enter button, just wait for sometime as it will fetch your tweets and check them for retweets made by your friends.

One thing you need to know is that it only consider tweets which has been retweeted by your followers only, if anyone who is not your follower but retweeted your tweet then it wont be count here.

A good thing about this service is that it only ask for Read Only Access of your twitter account, means it wont publish unnecessary thing on your timeline.

Visit Site :- My Top Tweet

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