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August 6, 2009 – Spend Less Time In Your Mailbox

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Kukoo is a web site that provides the web service of email mess. Basically, Kukoo helps you gain control over your inbox again. Aimed at power users, it will make you spend less time in your mailbox and more time doing those things you’d wanted/are supposed to do (both at work and at home). You decide when you’ll be reading email and which of those messages will get priority.

As email clients are checking for new mail every few minutes and push email gets even more intrusive, we end up spending most of our (unproductive) workdays doing nothing but emailing. Although we may feel like we’ve been working our asses off, we basically did nothing at all. Not a good thing really. Email today is sender-focused. As an email receiver, you’re destined to do just that: work your way through your inbox, without any possibility to decide what you’ll be reading when.

Kukoo likes to approach email differently: by using your inbox like a real mailbox and inspired by the concept of single tasking, you can save time to get that real work done. It will make sure people will know when to expect your reply, so they won’t have to make those annoying follow up phone calls or send that same email over and over again. In short: both sender and receiver will end up being happier.

Kukoo brings the receiver back in control over the email flow. It’s up to them to decide when they’ll be checking their mail. You can log into your personal Kukoo account and set rules for each of your claimed addresses individually. Rules are created on a per-day basis, which means that for example you can check your mail early on Mondays and sleep in on Saturdays (or the other way round, of course).

It’s up to you as an email receiver to determine whether you’ll be using Kukoo. There are however some clear advantages for senders to actively use it. While this is totally receiver-focused, it has built in multiple reasons to make it as attractive as possible to email senders.

1. Automatically receive an auto-reply message informing you when the receiver you just sent your email to will be checking their mail next time
2. Request that same message by sending an email to and the person whose status you want to check in the subject line.
3. Show respect to people you’re emailing and acknowledge it’s up to them to decide when they’ll be replying to your mail.

Any many many more.


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