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April 1, 2010

Lift Your Mood With

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There are days when nothing seems to be going right, when the clouds of self-doubt and distress loom large. How to combat such mood swings after a hard and stressful day at work? While we do understand that “To each his own” is how people tend to deal with this burgeoning problem, there are still some new, interesting and innovative ways which often go unnoticed. We have discovered a wonderful website with a magical wand , soft and soothing aura to give solace to your distressed mind and soul.

MoodTurn is a new site which has been designed with the intent of lifting the spirits of all those people who feel “down and out” after toiling hard. The websites helps you to relax your strained nerves by providing that balmy effect with its serene, peaceful and tranquil imagery and soothing music.

The site offers a combination of serene images and audio for your FREE self indulgence. It is any given day better than spending a fortune and several hours doing the rounds of a therapist who charges you for every minute of your physical presence.

Currently, only four moods called “Rainforest”, “Birds”, “Storm” and “Beach” and seven different backgrounds are available. While this digital way of rejuvenation may not work for all, the fact that is comes FREE makes it worth a shot.

Experience bliss the virtual way with MoodTurn!!


Our Rating 3/5 | Visit:


“Adjust your mood, relax and enjoy.”

How is Useful?

MoodTurn will help you detach your beaten spirits and bruised soul from the big bad world with its pristine audio and images and prepare you to bounce back with new energy and enthusiasm.

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