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November 24, 2009 – Virtual Cosmetic Surgery And Makeover

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Facelift, anti-aging, Botox, cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers, nose reshaping, plastic surgery, and the list goes on. Have you heard of all these highly complicated yet extremely popular words which seem to have become the order of the day? Did you always have a strong secret desire to try at least one of these outrageously expensive treatments to make that crooked nose or wrinkled face look attractive? Are you too frightened to go under the knife or living on a budget which does not permit such luxuries?

LiftMagic is a unique website to fulfill your long cherished deep desire of seeing yourself look younger, better and attractive even if it’s only a mere virtual visualization. The website provides fully automated nose job, smile correction, eyebrow lift, jaw contouring and many more such options. Any part of your face which has always been a cause of concern can be rectified with this magical tool.

The website uses an algorithm which simulates a cosmetic surgery and magically alters your image. It’s a great fun online tool to boost your low self-esteem owing to a certain feature on your face. The process is very user-friendly. Just upload a close-up photo from your computer or from web, correctly align the photo and apply any of those face lift enhancements on the left side of the website. The user can choose the intensity of the enhancement. “Before” and “After” pictures help in comparing feeling the difference.

So, you tried and got too excited seeing the results, share your joy with friends. The website provides you with the ability to forward the image to any e-mail address. You can even try 1000s of celebrity hairstyles and a wide range of make-up products. Another worth-noting feature of this website is that no initial sign-up is required and all this magic comes free of cost. This saves that additional consultation fees that you end up paying to your cosmetic surgeon. The flipside to this website is that it raises a very important social issue of going under the knife and making some hasty and misinformed decisions on the basis of this generic program.

All said and done, enjoy this fun tool with caution and let the magical wand do wonders on your face.

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