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July 10, 2009 – Search More Than 50 Search Engines From One Page

Search engines are most prominently used in the web. They help people search a lot of things like information, books, videos etc. They search all the websites providing the content and information requested by the user. Most useful link for the keyword entered by the user is provided first by the search engine.

It becomes quite inconvenient for the people to search different kinds of things from different search engines or specifying file type for the information they are looking for. Limmz is a web portal that makes available more than 50 search engines and that too arranged in different categories. User can just type the keyword in the search box and select the suitable search engine from the relevant category.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Type the keyword for the information that you want to search.
  2. Click on the appropriate search engine in the desired category.
  3. A new tab will open up showing the result.


Limmz is a web portal that makes available more than 50 search engines all in one page and that too arranged in different categories and thus the user can select appropriate category without the need to explicitly specify them. It acts like a search engine start page providing huge list of search engines and websites to choose from. The search engines are categorized very neatly and orderly in various categories like music, images, videos, web etc. It lets you extensively search a keyword/term across different search engines and that too from a single page. Also the user can customize this web portal. User can choose the default search engine, its logo and the search engines or sites they want to use for each category by clicking on the preferences option available on the top of this page.

Editor’s View

Limmz is a very good web portal providing a huge set of search engines at one place. The user can just type the term required and then select the search engines from the appropriate category and get their results. It’s a simple and easy to use website with no sign up required by the user.


Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Visit:

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