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March 23, 2012

Link To View a Part Or Section Of Website Web Page

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Many times we need to share some part of a web page with our friends so that we can tell him/ her the important thing or what they are looking for, but usually your friend will take a look over whole page but he/ she don’t get that portion which you are telling him.

So best way is to highlight that portion which you wanna tell just like you do with your books, inFocus is a nice online web service which allows you to highlight any part of any web page and then you can share it with your friends and then they will only look at that portion which you wanna show to them.

To get started just visit the site and then enter the URL of that page which you wanna share with your friends, on the next page you will be provided with a selection tool, just select that portion which you wanna share, after selecting you could adjust it too.


When you are done with selection you could test it so that you will get an idea that your selected area is correct and it could be shared with your friends, Just click on COPY URL button and URL will be copied to clipboard.

You can send that URL via Email, IMs or you could share it on Facebook or Twitter right from that page. You can also install a Bookmarklet of it to your web browsers bookmark bar so that if in future you wanna select a portion of web page then just click on that bookmarlet and you are ready for area selection.

When your friend click on that URL then he will see a page with a selected portion, if he want to see other portion of web page then he just need to click on Hide Focus button and then other content of web page will be visible.

Visit Site :- inFocus

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