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December 6, 2010

List Of Top 5 Quiz & Puzzle Websites

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Now a days when KBC is at its full pace, we decided that we should tell you about some of the websites which might help you in preparing for quizzes. We tried to cover some of the websites which cover different categories of question and we also kept in mind that the collection of questions should also be outstanding. Now, these sites might not help you to prepare for KBC only but yes, they will play major role if you really want to learn something. So, we selected 5 websites and in this post we will be telling you about every one of them. They are mentioned as follows

You can easily guess about the types of questions on this site, by just taking a glance at the name of the website. This site consists of the questions based on the logo. Most of the questions will show you the small part from the logo and then they will ask you to recognize the name of the organization or the company or of any channel or of any famous event to which it belongs. Few of the answers will be like Mc Donalds, HBO, Tour De France and many more.


The domain for the questions on this website is quite huge, as it includes huge variety of questions. This site includes large amount of Math which can be followed be questions from Vocabulary (English, French, Spanish and German), Geography and Science. Math and Science are covered up to school level, but the collection of the questions can be appreciated. After completing a certain quiz you can publish your score on Facebook. Moth Lovers should go for this one.


After reading the name and even after seeing the snapshot of this website it is really hard to recognize that which category of questions this site has. I played a lot on this web-site and then came to know that it has all the question correlating 2 things, one of them is ‘Advantages of being vegetarian’ and the other one is ‘Sportsperson’. In every question you will find that Advantages of Vegetarian Diet has been correlated to the life of the sportsperson. For example, Greg Chappell has complete vegetarian diet; he does not even go for eggs or any other non-veg product. This site is somewhat different.


This site has all the questions for Movie Lovers or I should say for Hollywood Lovers because you will not find any questions related to Bollywood. But you can test your skills if you are a great fan of Hollywood, even if you do not know about Hollywood movies then you take a look at the questions because they might help you to get the names of popular Hollywood movies which you would have missed to watch. Besides this, whenever you will start for the first time on this site, you will have a World Ranking which will start from millions and then it depends upon you that how much you can take that rating higher.


This site is again for Math lovers, but this one is quite different from the previous web-site mentioned in this list. As you can see the snapshot of the website which might tell you that this one will be preferred by teenagers but the previous one will be for the senior students. This site will mainly attract the Middle School students because of the pictorial representation or the cartoon-type representation of the questions. They also have the variety of questions in different forms of games.


So go on using these site and then let us know if you face any problem, as we have already explored it so we might be able solve the problem of yours. Till then keep reading and have a great day ahead!!!

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