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December 21, 2011

Listen Your Gmail Or Yahoo Mail

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Our life is getting busy day by day, most us don’t have time to do thing in proper time, we make schedules but I think very few of use get those things done in time, if you ask me then I always miss those schedules and run out of time.

In this fast moving life many of us don’t get time to open and read all mails which they had got in their inbox, if you too don’t have proper time to read your important mails then MailSpeak is perfect for you, it turns your mail box into voicemail and let users to listen mails which they had got on their account.

MailSpeak uses Twilio API enable users not only to listen mail but you can also send voice replies too, and the best part is that this service can be used on any phone, MailSpeak is supported by both Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Almost same features are provided for both mail services and registration of both mail service is also same, you don’t have to provide your account information on MailSpeak, it use an industry-standard technology called OAuth.

OAuth gives you the ability to grant access to your mail, but no one see your login credentials in the process as your webmail provider gives our own credentials when you tell them to provide. Because of this there is no risk of your credentials ever being seen by us or stolen.


You have to submit your First and Last name with an phone number where you can listen mails, and you have too select an password too for your account on MailSpeak.

By using MailSpeak you could do your other work while listening to your mails or you can get mails and send replies when you are not connected with internet.

MailSpeak is an paid service with an fee of $5.99/month, but before you go for it you can take a demo service which is free for 14 days, its an nice way to check it before you pay for it.

Visit Site :- MailSpeak

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