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March 16, 2011

Add Your Picture To The Great Wall Of Facebook

Facebook has seen a phenomenal growth since launch and is today the most used Social Network service worldwide. Facebook has been a key contributor in revolutionizing social media and is an integral part of all communication and marketing campaigns today. McCollins Media, a Dubai based media agency wants to highlight the onset of social media and its importance in brand communications.

So they have come up with a new website with Facebook integration named “ The Longest Facebook Wall In The World”.  McCollins aims to create awareness about the potential and possibilities of creating world-class applications on Facebook.


The project will last for two months, whereby McCollins will be executing several creative strategies to encourage users to be a part of the wall. This will be deployed on a web interface, where users can give permission to use their profile pictures and basic information (Name, Place and Profile Picture) on the web interface. The list grows with every new Facebook user connecting to the application. At the end of two months, McCollins will achieve new heights by flying a life size print all over Dubai in a helicopter. It will add the profile image of the person in their site wall who had joined in their site via Facebook,  as more and more users joins the page this wall continues to grow eventually. Every users will be given a separate URL of their image on the wall to make it easier for them to share with their friends. So connect with your Facebook profile to upload your picture and become part of this big event now.

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