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October 10, 2009 – Most Popular Videos Collection | Sharing And Tracking Videos

Magma is for exploring, discovering, collecting, sharing, and tracking videos from everywhere. The Magma home page is comprised of video charts for the most popular videos being watched, right now. Every video is given a score from a low of 1 to a high of 11, an indication of how popular the video has become. This is determined by the amount of related videos, views, comments and social media activity from all around the web.

Magma provides in-depth statistics and real-time tracking for discovering what people are watching, right now. Each video has its own unique page for viewing which includes in-depth, real-time information and statistics. Your public channel page and private dashboard are where you and your friends can enjoy and share videos.

To add a video to your personal collection, just click on the “+” button. You can also categorize your videos and add custom titles and descriptions. When you find a video you like that is not on Magma, you can add it! Click to add an off-site video and fill in your own title and description, or use their browser bookmarklet which makes it even easier.

This service is still building. Many important features will be here soon. Twitter OAuth has been added to Magma. You can now safely sync your Twitter account to Magma to allow for automatic tweeting of videos that you add to your channel. They also allow you to disable auto tweeting at any time in your accounts settings. You can now grab a public RSS feed from any channel, including your own channel videos. Feeds are also available for each category in your channel.

It’s not just you tube anymore. Video online has become a decentralized mess. This service brings it all together to in one place and back to one button, to become a new entry point and guide for online videos.


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