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May 20, 2009 – Get Your Im Messages, Emails, Text Messages On Your Mobile, Twitter Account or on Instant Messenger Account

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If you hate missing text messages, emails, and IMs then this is the web site for you. With, your messages will follow you around by checking whether you’re online or not and which email or mobile phone you last used.

You can easily get messages to go to your phone, your  twitter accounts, or your instant messenger accounts. If you’re online on IM, they will  send it to the IM account you used most recently. Otherwise, they will send to the phone or email or twitter account you used most recently.

For the above service you have to  add a phone or IM account or twitter account. You can do this just by looking for the email you got from after you signed up. If you click on that link, you’ll go to the account management page where you can add different accounts.

But you  need to put mail.2im at the beginning of your text messages. This is so because phone numbers can be shared by other services, so to be certain that you get to the site on all numbers, they ask you to put "" at the front of all text messages.

Also there is no limit to the number of phone numbers you can add. Just keep adding them, and they will keep sending to the one you used most recently. So when you land at Heathrow and take out your UK phone, use right away to tell everyone you’ve landed, and all replies will hit your UK phone instead of your US, or Canada, or Botswana or whatever phone you were using before.

Moreover all these services are kind of free. Most of the time. They  don’t charge you for any messages UNLESS you’re using an unsupported carrier. You’ll know you’re using an unsupported carrier because you will have selected UNSUPPORTED when you added your phone number.

If you’re using a supported carrier, even though they don’t charge in that case to use text messaging, check your plan to know the price of text messages. You need to know what your carrier charges, as they don’t pay those charges for you, and they might add up depending on your plan.

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