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September 19, 2012

Split Expanses, Manage Common Expanses and Spending With Friends Online

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Money matter a lot to every one, every one wants to save his hard earning and for this you must need to make a tracking sheeting which allows you to track all your revenues and expenditures which you had made.

There are some desktop tools which can do this work for you but if you are looking for an online app so that you can use it from anywhere then say hello to Hisab Kitab, its an online web service which allows you to track expenses online.

How Does Hisab Kitab Works?

Hisab Kitab is an free online web service so it can be access from anywhere, to get started you need to make a account on it, once you had created your free account then you are ready to go. Design of site is bit confusing and it took me half an hour to under stand it a bit.

You can add any family member or friend or colleagues so that you can share expense with them,


You can also add expenses too, On adding expenses you have option to tell it who had paid for expense and who had share it.


It will show a nice list all expenses which you had paid, or shared with others.


It lacks one thing that it wont allows you to integrate your credit or debit card or bank so that it can fetch details from there too. It also shows a nice expense list or report which helps you to know what you had did with your money.


You can also export all you expense report in Excel, Word, CSV, or in XML, You can export all report or just some page. It also allows you import report. You can also view your expenses in charts or graph from.

Rating :- 3/5

Other Web Services To Manage Expense :-

  • MoneyTrackin :- This is one of the best money management tool, it clearly tell you where you are standing and what is your financial situation.
  • moneyStrands :- This website allows you to compare your financial condition with others and then let you know what actions you need to take.
  • Perfios :- Its an online web app which let you know whats your financial condition is, You can add your Bank accounts, Credits card, Mutual Funds, Equity accounts, Insurance policies, Loans, Fixed Deposits etc.

How Hisab Kitab Is Different from other web services :-

One of the main thing which I like in this web service is that it lets you add family members and then you will get nice report at the end of month regarding the payments which others or you had made or shared by you.

Conclusion :-

The web site seems quite good by its overview but its quite confusing if you use it, sometime you might have to scratch your head to find some basic things, guide on the site is not very helpful. I would prefer using an excel sheet to manage my expenses and upload that sheet on cloud to access it from anywhere.

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