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December 6, 2010

Easy And Fast Way To Add HDR Effects To Images Online

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Today I will be introducing you to a new style of photography to you or I should say that it is a new technique which can make your photographs better in appearance. You can call this website as YoHDR, now this site has got its name from the name of this new technology as this technology is named as HDR (High Dynamic range). In this post that I will be telling you that how you can use this website and get the image processed through HDR.


You can see the snapshot of this website right above here. This site is really very simple to use, firstly it will ask you to upload the three images of one photograph. Make sure that a single scenario is to be clicked three times. One of the clicked photographs will be normal, the other one will be darkest of all and the remaining or the third photograph will be lightest of all. On the main page you can see that three different images of a single scenario are to be uploaded in to three different sections respectively. After you select the files, click the Upload button.

All the three files will be mixed in such a way that the output or the resulting image will look more realistic. You will be able to see your images at the same place on the page where you can see the sample right now. You can see the different samples in the snapshot shown below. All the output image files will be accompanied by two options VIVID and NATURAL. VIVID reflects additional effects which might appear unrealistic but looks good whereas NATURAL appearance will be similar to the bright version of your uploaded image.


So, go for using this website and then let us know about your experience. If you face any problem or if you discover anything new while surfing the website then please let us know about that problem by putting it in the comments section, if we found that issue to be a genuine problem or a genuine information then we will let all the readers know about that information on your behalf or else we might help you to resolve that problem as we have already explored the website. So keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

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