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May 18, 2011

Create Your Own Passport, Visa & ID Proof Photo Online For Free

It happens to me lot of times that when I am in a dire need of a passport photo I don’t have it. It is really a hectic job to go to a photo shop get a photo clicked and then wait for it to get processed and then get it back home. Sometimes it also happens that when you are applying for an international visa then you have to research a lot for the exact size needed and the picture quality.

I would like to share a story with you, one of my friends had applied for a visa and and by mistake he had got a different size of passport photo by mistake. Then there was a guy standing outside the embassy who took him to a photo processing shop nearby and just for four passport photos he had to shell out six hundred bucks. On the other hand if it was some other shop and some other situation he wouldn’t have paid more than fifty bucks.

So why get into such situations when you can easily get photos printed while sitting at your home ? Yes, we are here with a new online passport size photo printing service which enables you to print passport size photos according to your requirements easily. This service known as the guides you on how to click passport photo online and allows you to edit and resize it for final print. The best part is that you can do all that online.

Here is how you can make this work :

1. Open the epassportphoto service and select the country of your choice, the correct photo size for that country will be shown on the option below.

2. Next what you have to do is select the country and click the get my passport photo button.

3. Next screen provides you with the guidelines on how to click your passport photo home yourself.

This page also requires you to upload the clicked photo to be uploaded online so be ready and after clicking the photo transfer it to your computer for uploading.

4. After clicking the next button you will see the following screen :

With this option you have to make sure that you select the part of the photo that you require to be printed. Be really cautious on this step as the final print will be based on this editing part.

5. Then in the end all you have to do is, click the print the sheet option and this window will open up :

Now with this option you have to choose from either printing the photo on your own printer or get it printed with a paid delivery system.

So all we would like to say in the end is that if you need a passport size photo anywhere then you should probably keep this tool bookmarked as it will be able to help you out in many situations.

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