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January 31, 2012

Make Your Tweet Public On A Specific Date & Time

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Are going on a vacation or going to be busy for some days but don’t want to away from the touch of your Twitter followers a single day, Twitter is really a nice place which allows us to interact with our followers in a very nice and clean manner.

Many times we might be going to be busy in some of our personal work which keep us from Twitter but at the same time you don’t wanna be out of the reach of your Twitter followers, then what to do ? Well you can set a schedule for your Tweets using a web service like Twitdrip.

It allows you to pre set all your tweets which you wanna post on your timeline at different period of time. This site is available in 3 different languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Once you visit this site first you need to connect your twitter account with it.

It uses 0Auth method for connecting means your username and password are secured and doesn’t kept with any third party. Once you had connected your account, you can set time zone according to your country or region.


You can post your message, any link which you wanna post with that tweet, you can also shorten the URL on that page to get more words to write, once done with message, select the interval on which you want to post it, either you wanna post it everyday, or on a particular day.

Now select the time between which your tweet will be posted, once done with all these things click on Add Twit, and you are done with it. Your tweets will be posted at the interval and time you had defined.

You can add more tweets according to your needs, once you are back from the holiday or back to online you can visit your account on Twitdrip and then just cancel the tweets you had added.

Visit Site :- TwitDrip

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