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May 16, 2009 – Make GIF Animations Easily

Filed under: Fun — Tags: , , — abhishek @ 11:27 pm is a web site that provides you with the web service of making GIF in a very easy way. A GIF refers to Graphic Interchange Format and is the most used format for images after JPEG.

This site has to be accredited with excellent user interface which makes its usage very easy. Moreover this service is free of cost and you even need not register with the web site. Using the following steps you can easily make GIF.

  1. Arrange the images in order:  Make sure you keep track of your images order, this will determine how your animation plays.
  2. Submit your images:  Place each frame of the animation in order according to the numbered field, this will ensure that each frame plays when it is supposed to. You can choose the images using the ‘browse’ option provided there.
  3. Creating your own animated GIF:  Click the “Create GIF” button and your images will be put together in a single animated Gif image. There you will be able to download and save your image for use on other web pages.

You are also provided with the following features to animate your images as you like:

  1. Loop animation:  you can put all your images in loop.
  2. Animation speed:  you can select the speed of animation between fast, medium and slow.
  3. Resize for AIM buddy icon:  you can also create a buddy icon using this service.

Some advanced features are also provide like:

  1. Frame length:  you can choose the frame length of ant size as you want. Default is 200.
  2. Resize image:  you can also choose to resize your images according to their default standards or customize it to your wish.

All these features tend to make it an excellent site but the main problem occurs with its speed. It takes  time in uploading the images and further more time to make the GIF though it writes it speed to be 1024kb.


Our Rating: 2/5 | Visit


  1. Looks like a nice tool!

    Comment by Kolorowanki — June 29, 2009 @ 3:46 am

  2. I loved this tool, the only problem is that I can’t save it to my computer, I tried right clicking on it and pressing “Save Target As”
    but it wouldn’t work, and there was no link to press so that I could download it.

    Comment by Mheka — July 23, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

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