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October 9, 2009 – Mix Photos Music And Videos

Masher is an online video-editing and messaging tool. You can create your mashes by uploading and combining your videos and images with the extensive footage, music, transitions, special effects and skins all for free. Create a movie, video greeting card or slideshow, then you can share your mashes just about anywhere. It’s that easy. Don’t make it. Mash it!

Masher makes it easy to create anything from an online video greeting card to a movie with cinematic transitions and special effects. Upload your videos, pictures and music, experiment, add custom skins or themes and edit away. When you’re ready, easily share your mash by email, post to your blog or website, or publish to your favorite online social network. Masher is all about you and your imagination.

Masher taps into the phenomenal footage archive of the BBC and provides you with thousands of free clips to use in your creations. And it’s not just footage, either. It has teamed up with some of the leading music artists, providers and labels to offer a catalogue of tracks spanning nearly every imaginable genre-all free.

When you’re a registered Masher user, you can share your mashes by email, or easily place them in your blog, profile pages or web site. Simply go to Masher’s Publishing page and they will walk you through the process. If you choose to make your mash public, other masher users will be able to see it in Masher’s Most Watched and Recent Mashtrocities sections.

This service as if now is absolutely free. But, sometime in the future they might introduce a small fee which will give you access to additional, more advanced features. It provides you with hundreds upon hundreds of video clips from the amazing BBC library which you can use in your mashes. Thanks to their partners in the music biz, it also brings you a massive library of music-covering almost any genre you can think of- which you can use in your creations.

Even if you don’t have a single video or picture you can use Masher to create amazing movies and video messages.


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