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February 7, 2011

Meet Your Personal Shopping Assistant For Your Laptop Or Desktop Shopping

Confused about which product to choose, from a wide variety of options available. Or you don’t have the time to research about the price comparison between different brands. Visit, Clark, who will assist you right through your requirements and price range, acts as your personal shopping assistant.

No, you don’t need to register or pay up to become a member for taking Clark’e advise. It is all free of cost and new users can start directly.┬áNow, the question arises, how could Clark guide us and analyze our requirements? Simple, it’s artificial intelligence. We tested Clark’s intelligence with laptop as the product. Read on to know how Clark fared.

First, as we visit the homepage, an engine is provided for directly chatting with Clark. The homepage itself looks so simple that you’ll be tempted to chat with Clark. Look at the snapshot shown below.


We thought of knowing about a mobile phone. But Clark prompted us saying that in beta version he could only advice us on laptops and desktops. So we asked for dell laptops.


Once you enter the product which you are looking for, Clark will ask more questions to zero-in on a specific product. Questions about the features of the laptop were asked to us. For example, Wifi, monitor size, CPU memory etc. and also about the price which you are willing to pay.


After identifying the price, Clark displays the available products matching your requirements and price. If you like the product, then click on “I Want This Deal”. You will be diverted to the web site from where Clark found this deal for you. is not a marketing web site, it only compiles and scans different web sites for your product and presents those products which match your requirements.

Currently, operates for users from US only. At the time of reviewing, SalesClark was in beta version and hence info regarding only laptops and desktops was available.

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