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September 27, 2010

Membership And Loyalty Cards Online Anytime Anywhere

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Membership, loyalty, club, reward and association cards nicely adorn your wallet and after a point of time become an eyesore getting stacked and eating up all the space as their number keeps growing with time. If you are a frequent user of such cards and find it very inconvenient to have them available all times and at all places, here is an excellent web application at your service!!

CardMobili has recently launched a free web application which unburdens consumers from carrying physical loyalty cards by making them “mobile” in the truest sense. It makes them available on the user’s mobile phone. The website has wonderfully captured on the latest buzzword called “cloud computing”. Cardmobili solves a worldwide problem of the uneasiness witnessed by consumers who have wide range of interests and associated membership cards by filling an emerging need with Cardmobili’s mobile loyalty cloud.”

Just sign up for a free account, enter all the information from your cards into the application and it will store them in your mobile phone by scanning their barcodes. You’ll never have to worry again about forgetting a card and losing the valuable offer or unnecessarily coughing up extra money. All you have to do on being asked for a card is to launch CardMobili on your phone and share the relevant code.

Cardmobili is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android, Blackberry as well as Java‐based smart phones and feature phones, including popular models from Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola. Visit the website to find out in details the cards the application supports as of now.

All in all, CardMobili is one step towards having a clutter free and a much lighter wallet!!


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“Your cards with you at all times.”

How is useful?

Fishing out that discount card from an already loaded wallet or key ring on a day of shopping binge only to find it missing can spoil the fun. Cardmobili helps in making your loyalty cards truly mobile with all your data safely loaded in your just-cant-do-without mobile phone!!

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