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November 9, 2009 – Building Vocabulary Made Easy

Have ideas but short of words? You religiously learn new words everyday and still fail to retain and recall. Frustrated with all the time, money and energy invested in scouring those fat dictionaries and wordlists. Welcome to Mnemonic Dictionary! Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary.

Mnemonic Dictionary is a website which uses memory techniques or learning aids called “mnemonics” for learning new words. Mnemonic devices are based on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the data that is to be remembered. Researchers have proved that the human mind easily remembers spatial, personal, surprising, sexual or humorous or otherwise meaningful information than arbitrary sequences.

The website puts the vivid mental images and whacky imagination to use. For instance, the word “nefarious” which means “extremely wicked” may be very difficult to learn and use. The mnemonic they have used is that this word sounds like ne(nephew)+farious(furious),so your nephew is very furious or cruel or violent. Another whacky example is the word “din” which means the act of making noisy disturbance. The mnemonic for “din” is that the word rhymes with “den”. In the den you will hear the roar of the lion…. it’s a loud noise!

Learners can actively be a part of the learning process by contributing the mnemonics. So, all the readers with creative juices and wild imagination get yourself registered to the website. The website provides you with a feature of creating your own customized wordlist for your easy reference. Visual learners also would not get a reason to complain as there are photos related to words. The only pre-requisite for using all these features is to first login to website with your credentials.
Some of the other effective and interesting features available are:
• You can receive “Word of the Day” via email or SMS.
• Word Tests from GRE Word list to assess your level.
• Word Games for keeping the “fun” quotient high.
• Live Chat Room to interact with other learners.
• Open Forum for discussions and suggestions.

It’s a highly recommended website for all the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL aspirants who face difficulty in learning and remembering new words. Let’s break the language barrier with this useful memory tool!


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  1. I am always looking for ways to hone up on new words and an online resource like the one you have suggested is of great help. Thanks.

    Comment by Nita — November 9, 2009 @ 8:46 pm

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