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October 24, 2009 – Social Networking For Music Lovers

Musefy is network of musically inclined individuals. Using Musefy, you can easily find local musicians to play music with or connect with the best suited groups to join, be it a rock band, a capella, jazz ensemble, anything. Or go off and start your own group, search for the most compatible musicians, and make it big (hopefully). Think of this like a couple matching website for the music community. Except it will help you meet up with the best local musical talent.

For you aspiring musicians ready to branch out, join the web site’s network and create a profile reflecting your own experiences. Then use this profile to find and join local groups that make the same genre of music as you, be it a rock band, a capella, anything. Feeling more ambitious? Start your own group instead, then use this service to recruit other musicians and make it huge together.

No matter if you’re building your group from scratch or it’s just missing that last crucial member, you can join this web site and connect with the exact talent you’re looking for. Just create an opening detailing who you need and this web site will search for those that are most likely to match your criteria. Or, let them come to you, since only those that fit your description can see your opening.

Look out for more features that will not only make recruiting musicians more powerful and efficient, but help your group get its music out there, gain fans, and much more. So subscribe to their blog, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or just check back often. Oh, remember that this service was created by music fans for music fans, so if there’s something you’d like to see here, speak up.

Being a musician shouldn’t be about scouring classified advertisements or wanted flyers. Using this service connect to musicians and groups easily, quickly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on what really matters-THE MUSIC.


Our rating 3.5/5 | visit

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