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September 5, 2009

MyFontBook – Manage Your Fonts Collection

MyFontBook is a website that has all the features required for managing and organizing your fonts which are not there in your operating system. It allows you to browse your font collection in an easy to understand way and that too absolutely free. It also allows you to rate and tag typefaces in a simple manner. you can also save your tags and preferences by creating a free account on the website. The site is fun and quite interesting to work with. Below are some of the other major features :

Features :

  1. A font viewer window : this window allows you to look out for all the installed fonts and select them according to your need. For your convenience, these fonts are sorted.
  2. Proof sheet : you can use this feature to print a selected font with many style samples at the click of a button.
  3. Glyphs : this feature incorporates the use of typeface characters. The site also provides the ascii code for each typeface character thus making it easy to add to webpages.
  4. Tags and favorites : you can tag the fonts which you consider appropriate to be used in future. You can also mark some of the most commonly used fonts as your favorites for easy review.
  5. Metrics: this feature allows you to watch out for the line spacing and the height of the letters.
  6. Sample text : this feature allows you to easily look out for the outcome of your desired text by just putting it there and viewing it.
  7. List and swatch view : these are the 2 views that you can use on this website. While the swatch view allows you to look at the fonts in a condensed way, the list view gives a more detailed view.
  8. Body text : you can sample check the body of your document with the available fonts and select the best one.
  9. High speed : this site allows rendering at high speeds making the site faster.
  10. No installation required : there in no need to install any software. Everything is done online in a simple fashion.
  11. User friendly and free: the site is very user friendly with a tutorial video on its homepage and is absolutely free to use.

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. All you have to do is visit the website .
  2. You can view the tutorial video.
  3. You can simply launch the viewer and get going.
  4. You can create an account to save your preferences.

Editor’s view :

The site is a very well made site with a whole lot of features in its domain. It has covered almost everything under its domain. A very well made site.


Our rating : 4/5 visit |

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