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September 29, 2009 – Free Web Publishing Tool for Individuals, Professionals, Educators, and Organizations

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Like a Rorschach test for your knowledge, Knowledge Genie is a number of different things. First, as someone who has something to share, it is software tool that helps you capture, package, and centralize what you know in a way that maximizes its application. Second, it is a vehicle to publish and share knowledge with a specific audience such as your employees or customers. Third, it’s a learning tool that provides structure, content, and guides a learner through specific steps. Lastly as a new technology, it’s too early to tell how you may end up using Knowledge Genie. We look forward to hearing your stories.

Knowledge Genie is a revolutionary way to capture and share what you know. For the user, it is the 21st Century learning tool that turns information and knowledge into results. You can use Knowledge Genie to share and profit from what you know, educate employees, market new products, reinforce classroom learning, provide customers with the information they need, track and manage students, catalog documents, and much more.

Your Genie is accessed one of two ways: The predominate way in which your Genie is accessed is through setting up accounts and inviting users to access their account. The second method is through providing free access. To allow free and instant access to your Genie select the “Free and Instant” setting in the Publish step. This over rides any exiting settings and allows people who come to your Genie’s log in page to automatically access your Genie.

Knowledge Genie provides an additional service that packages access to your Genie in a physical form. For a fixed fee, you can have your Genie physically packaged and ready to sell on Amazon or at another outlet. They provide you with everything from packaging and package templates, serialized access coding for each unit, integrated printing and fulfillment.


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