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March 15, 2010 Translation Of Words From One Language To Another

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With Globalisation taking a toll over all the economies of the world, each and every individual is being continuously affected by it. In large MNCs, you never know when your boss sets you on an international assignment and asks you to leave for any part of the world. So you are there the next moment, amidst foreign people speaking their native language and you start believing yourself to be an alien. What you must be doing them? Doing a crash course in that particular foreign language? No way- will you have the time to do that and how many will you learn? Try NiceTranslator. Its a wonderful online application that will translate the words/sentences in any language to one or more other languages as desired by you.

It’s pretty simple and straight-forward to use NT. First, select the languages you would like to translate into. Nice Translator allows you to translate into multiple languages at once, so you may add as many Translators as you’d like. If you have cookies on, Nice Translator will remember which translators you like to have open for later.

Nice Translator will auto-detect the language you are translating from; you can just begin typing in the main input box at the top of the screen. As you type, your translators will go to work and begin translating your text. If for some reason Nice Translator misses a few words on the end once your done typing, just hit enter to complete your translation. When you’re done with your translation, you can just hit the ‘Esc’ Key to clear your input and start a new one.

So have fun with this awesome tool. Learn how your known language’s words are written in any foreign language.

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NiceTranslator was created during the Fall of 2008 to provide an improved interface for translating text on the Web. Although web-technologies have advanced greatly recently, existing online translators remain cumbersome to use.

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Nice Translator is the fast, easy to use online translator designed with simplicity in mind

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