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April 23, 2010 – Edit Text Files Online Collectively

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If you are sending a lot of mails back and forth amongst your teammates and sulking about the inefficiency of the whole process, online collaboration is the keyword for you. A lot of online collaboration tools are readily available with the sole aim of reducing the time spent by each individual in first editing any document and then mailing it to the rest of the team. When a document can be created and edited online in perfect co-ordination, then its best to change the old ways.

Notapipe is a new web service which aims at providing online collaboration in real-time creation and editing of text files by multiple users irrespective of their location. The only pre-requisite is that all the involved users should have access to internet to be able to edit or view and appreciate the changes made by others in just a split second. The utility allows a large number of users to work together on the same document to be able to deliver a document created by common consensus. This will help to save many hours in future which are generally spent in several rounds of document or code reviews and modifications.

All you have to do to get started is to sign up and send an invitation to your friend by typing his email address and assigning a username. Your friend will receive a Notapipe URL, username and password. He can login to this service using those login credentials. The tool is available in both FREE and PAID versions. The free version allows only 2 users per document while the paid premium services gives access of the document to a maximum of 9 users at a given point of time and also keeps the distracting advertisements at bay.

Some key features of this web based tool are:

  • The web services can be run on any popular modern browser.
  • Changes made get reflected instantly to all the logged in users.
  • Unlimited number of revisions of a document can be created and saved.
  • Automatic syntax highlighting for xml, css, and javascript files.
  • Premium version is available with SSL security.
  • Supports many formats like.js, .html, .css, .pl, .py, .svq etc.


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“ is a web service that allows you to edit text files in a real-time collaborative environment, from everywhere.”

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Group tasks or assignments can be executed more efficiently with this easy to use collaboration tool.

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