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June 29, 2009 Get Notified When Down Websites Starts Working

NotifyMee is a web portal that notifies people about a website, which they want to visit and was down earlier, has turned up. This prevents people from unnecessarily trying again and again for that website without knowing when it would turn up.

Internet popularity is getting bigger and bigger with time. And so is the internet traffic. Sometimes due to heavy traffic on a particular website turns it down for the users as it is not able to cater to large number of visitors on the website and make itself unavailable for them. People don’t know when that downed website turns up and becomes available to the users. provides one such solution to this problem.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Enter the URL of the site for which you want to get notified.
  2. Enter your email address on which you want to receive notification.
  3. Click “Enter” and start receiving notifications in your mailbox.


NotifyMee is basically an uptime monitor tool that performs a simple but an invaluable task of notifying to its users when a downed site reappears on the web. It follows the downed site requested by its user and notifies when that website returns to its normal. Websites usually becomes unreachable when suddenly there is large number of visitor on that website and that website crashes under weight of its popularity.

It also outputs a tweet from its twitter account to notify other people that the site is down and when the site comes back up again. Plus this service is free to use. It uses a simple way of email to notify people about the website. Its user interface is also very friendly and easy to use.

Editor’s View

NotifyMee provides a very important facility to its users by notifying them about a downed website thus preventing users to being constantly hooked on it until it reappears. The user can just sit back and relax until a notification is provided by NotifyMee about the upcoming of the downed site. NotifyMee keeps track of all those websites that are requested by its users. All in all it’s a great website to use and keep ourselves informed.


Our Rating: 3/5 | Visit

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