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March 30, 2012

Now Check In To A Website And Become Its King- Like Location Chekiins On FourSquare

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We all are very well aware about Foursquare where you can check-in to different places and then you will earn points for it and if you check-in many times then you will become mayor of it. It allows you to share your location or venue which you visit with your friends on Twitter or Facebook so that other will be able to know where you are.

As you are able to share your location which you visit now why not you share web site which you visit online. Chkin.At is a free online web service which allows you to check in to the web site which you visit and let your friends know which site you are visiting.

As you need to install app on your mobile phone if you wanna use Foursquare here in Chkin.At you need to install browser extension, it works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and when you visit any web site just click on the Chkin icon and you are done.


When you first time check in you need to login with your Twitter account and your every checkin is shared on your Twitter timeline. During the checkin you will need to provide information like what you are doing on the site like Reading, Surfing, Chatting, Looking, Searching and so on.


For every check in you make you will get points and if you check in on a web site so many times then you will become its King like Mayor on Foursquare.

On web site you will be able to look at the recent check ins or you can say that latest web site visited by the users a while ago, your check in is to shared there. At this time it wont allows you to share your check in on Facebook, it only supports Twitter at this time, if you don’t wanna publish your check in on twitter too then just head to Settings and set it from there.

Visit Site :- Chkin.At

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