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May 18, 2011

Single Online Chat Client For All Your IM Accounts

You might be using some desktop chat clients which allows you to sign in with various IM accounts like GTalk, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo! etc.With using it you can chat with all your buddies in one go.But some of you might not want to install any more software on your computer but still wants all IM chats at one place.

Well at time era of cloud computing every thing is going on cloud then why we should install chat client any give your CPU resource to some chat software’s.

IMO is a easy to use online chat client which allows you to chat using many IM Accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Yahoo, MSN and MySpace.Site does not requires you to register, all you have to do is visit site and then sign in with any of your IM account.


Once you login you will find a minimal and sleek page, you can add more IM accounts to your page just click on the link ADD ACCOUNTS and then it will show a pop windows by which you can sign in to other IM’s, if in future you wanna sign out or don’t wanna chat with a particular IM friends then just uncheck that account.

On the left side it shows some options like :-

  • Favorites :- You can add your favorite buddies, with whom chat most here, To add any friend all you need to do is just hover your mouse on any of online buddy and then it will shows information about the buddy then just click on Add Favorite to add him.

IMO-Add_To Favorite

  • Buddies :- Here you will find all your online buddies,
  • Blocked :- It will shows all friends whom you had blocked,
  • Offline :- Here all offline friends will be shown

You can even send Voice IM to your friends if do not wanna type, for this just click on the microphone icon on the chat box and then “Hold to talk” button to record, then release it to send your message.


Voice and Video Chat :-

IMO allows you to do voice and video chat with your buddies, for it just press Call option in chat windows and then choose desired option.


Features of IMO :-

  • Easy to use site,
  • Does not requires any registration,
  • Allows blocking of unwanted friends,
  • Can go INVISIBLE in single click to all your buddies,
  • Can make group chat,
  • Allows you to send files,
  • Voice and Video Chats are supported,
  • Can send Voice IM by recording
  • Use secure connection, HTTPS,
  • Provides desktop notification for new messages

Visit Site :-  IMO

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