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March 26, 2010

Online Advice For Women –

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Are you filled with nostalgia when you recall those days of reading one important section of magazine, journal or newspaper totally dedicated to women? The column, popularly called as “agony aunt” column was for women, of women and by women. The changing times completely overshadowed by digital media has however made it a thing of past. For all those women missing the good old days, here is an online version to revive your fond memory of your dearest agony aunt  who had almost all the solutions right in place. is a new free online service which all the women folk can proudly call as their own domain. It is a platform where they can share problems, discuss issues which concern and affect all the females in general and find solutions by continuous deliberations. Here, people can anonymously post their moral, social dilemmas and even get poll results from audience. You can seek help from learned people who reply to the queries very often. Polling the masses can instil a new confidence in you when you take some important decision unlike the past where you had to completely rely on your instinct or advice of one or two people.

You can anonymously vent out your anguish, frustration and feelings and receive sympathy and advice from women across the world. Women from all over the world have shown interest in the Web 2.0 Agony aunt and posted queries like Should they continue in an unfaithful relationship or complex boyfriend issues and intense ones like dealing with 20 year old son. Its an active forum as most of the questions get answered and most of them show new perspectives and dimensions of looking at things. Readers can view the “Most Commented”  and “Most Popular” dilemmas. Also, there is “Tag” clould to view topics of your choice. This website has a huge mass appeal which has helped it grow exponentially.

One very interesting and ironical thing about this women-oriented service is that it has been founded by two Australian men, Steve Hardisty and Stu Coleman. The website is being branded as one credible destination for “sisterly-advice” and undoubtedly, it will automatically drag the male audience for reasons better left unsaid!


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Dcyder is a service for when you’re stuck and not sure what to do. You simply add your dilemma to Dcyder and the web community vote and add comments to help you decide.

How Is useful?

We women, often called the strangest and most complex species to understand have wide range of dilemmas which only women can understand. This website is designed for all the beautiful women to discuss, deliberate and decide key aspects for a good living.

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