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July 13, 2011

Online Appointment Scheduling Software To Manage Appointments For Your Staff, Client And Customers

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Today we are going to help you with a website which is used for making an appointment with your colleagues and clients of your company. This website is like a centralized hub which can help you to make the appoints or meeting with your clients and this it also help in better communication between the staff members and the client, regarding the meetings. Let us see that how you can use this website.


First of all you will have to buy the package of 499 appointments, which is worth Rest. 499 and on any extra appointment you will have to pay Rest 2/ appointment. Now proceeding further, let me tell that how you can work on it. Once you buy the package and get yourself register, you will have to fill the name of the clients and the staff members, which can be called for the appointments. While adding a certain Staff member you will be assigning them with a username and password, which will be used by them for logging on to the website to check the appointment and then approve it.


The screenshot for the page of the client or Staff member login has been mentioned above. Now this way you can save lots of your time by not waiting for any of the member who is not about to attend, as if he is not attending it, then he can cancel let other know by cancelling the invitation for the appointment. So, this was the way to mark an appointed between your company the client, now when it comes to customers then the setup is again little bit different you can see the login page for Customers below it.


As required they can create their appoint at any time with the company, they will have to select the location, the Staff Department, the date and Service for which the client wants to talk about. The once the customer logs an appointment you will get that in your account and then you can follow up with that. The number of Staff members and the customer registration is unlimited, and once you register on the website you have to choose the link to appointment page from the three mentioned below.


You can choose any of them for your website or if you already have the link for our website then you can add this widget of this web-service on your website. For using this website for the first time you can login to this in demo mode with ‘Demo’ as its Username and password. Please let us know, if you face any issue while using this website.

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