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June 30, 2012

Test Health Of My Eyes Online

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We all are very curious and take care of our eyes as they are very important for all of us, you might go for routine check up of your eyes to your eyes specialist doctor and he will in return provide you a long bill, what if you can check your eyes by just sitting in front of your computer screen and you need not to pay anything for it.

ThinkQuest has released an online eye testing exam which allows you to know how correct your eyes were and if you find any problem with your eyes then it will also tells you its solution too.

This exam allows you to get 4 kind of exams :-


Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea is not fully a circular dome. Instead the cornea is shaped more like a football.

Due to this you will get headache and eye strains if you soon not take any action to treat it.


  • You will get blurry vision of objects,
  • Or you will see stretched objects.

What cause it?

It can be caused by any thing like diseases or any injuries which you had got, but most of the times its in hereditary.


Visit This link and then take a look at the image, if the some areas of the image appear lighter or blurrier than other areas, you may have astigmatism.



Glasses and contacts will improve astigmatism to near perfection.

Test Your Eye Sight

Now if you wanna test your eye sight and wanna know do you need any kind of specs then this test is for you.

First visit THIS LINK and then scroll down and then click on the Start Test option to get started. Before going for exam you need to know your monitor size and your screen resolution.


Then make at least 3 feet of distance from your monitor and then click on next, you will be presented with some alphabetic letter which will goes on decreasing in size, when you are unable to read them just click on Stop and you will be presented with your eye sight result.


Keep in mind that you do not consider this as an official exam, only an optometrist has the most precise instruments to find your true Rx.


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