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August 12, 2011

Online Language Translator For Translating All Popular Languages In The World

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It’s the age of globalization. Work is outsourced from developed countries to various developing countries of the world. Trade and various other businesses have become interdependent. In short, the world economy is interlinked by many factors and is driven forward by contribution from each and every country.

Now this inter-dependency between various countries for businesses and economic gains, communication plays an important role. If there is no communication or lack of communication or mis-communication between two countries, then this would have a very negative impact on the two economies.

So, it is lucid that communication is an integral part of today’s world. And with so many languages in the world, it may become highly difficult to interact with the other person whose from a different country.

An amazing concept has been thought of that provides a solution to this communication problem. The concept is simple, to translate certain text into any desired language. Suppose I’m an Indian businessmen, and I’m planning to expand my business to say, Japan. Now, there is a very huge possibility that many of my clients in Japan may not know English (And I don’t know Japanese). The best way to put my proposal in front of them is to translate my proposal into Japanese and then present it to them. This is where an online tool called comes into play. It will not only translate text into Japanese (From English) but into any popular language in the world, be it German, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Romanian, Russian and even Hindi.

It’s easy and free to use. Simply type in the text, choose a language (to translate into) and click ‘Translate’. That’s it, no software installations required, no sign-ups or registrations required. Just log-on to the web site and do your translations.

Take a look at the snapshot above. We typed in text in English and converted it to Spanish by choosing from the menu. Once you click on ‘Translate’, the translated text appears inside the box.

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