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December 29, 2010

Online Tool For Photo Effects: Convert Photo To Cartoon Or Line Drawing

I am not an artist but I can draw great looking realistic cartoons. You will be surprised to hear this but you need to try to believe this. Today I am introducing you a website which offers you a software which helps you draw anything you see.

This software not only gives you a service to convert photo to cartoon without having any specialized skill but also offers you more services like signing email and letters, make greeting cards, create unique Art gifts for your friends and family and make custom jigsaw puzzles.

Photo to Cartoon

Photo to cartoon is an application that allows you to easily convert digital images into cartoon with few mouse clicks. You don’t need to have professional skills to create great looking cartoons. This application is not only easy to use –It’s also a fun activity to do. You just need to select and upload your photo and the software will help you to convert it into a cartoon image. This simple approach makes cartoon creation a truly creative and fast process. Try Photo to Cartoon right away and start experimenting.


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Auto Vector

Auto Vector converts raster images and photos into high quality vector art. It gets done automatically, you don’t need to trace or draw. The result can be resized without loosing image quality and saved in svg, wmf and emf vector formats or in various raster formats.


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PhotoS helps you convert your digital photos into artistic line drawings. Just upload your photo, click the button, and you are an artist of a fine line drawing which indistinguishable from professional artists. Making a portrait of your friend was never so easy but now you can do this with a click of a button. Nobody will believe this is a computer-generated art. PhotoS is a handy tool which can be handled easily by anyone. It supports input formats like jpg/jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, wmf, emf. The output image can be saved as jpg/jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, wmf, emf and dxf files.


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Movie Cartoonizer

Movie Cartoonizer, this itself says the use of this service. You can use this to turn any movie into an animated clip. Movie Cartoonizer converts movies into cartoonized animation and cartoons with various automated and manual tools.


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