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May 26, 2011

Change Video Orientation From Landscape To Portrait Or Vice Versa Using An Online Video Rotator

These days it is really easy to capture all your memorable moments with a click of a button. Once there was a time when people used to carry cameras and camcorders on their vacations so that they can click pictures and videos.

Now things have changed and a person can just take out his or her mobile phone in order to click a photo or record a video. It has become really simple to capture a special moment that you can suddenly encounter while driving or walking in a garden and so on.

But with all the developments that technology has done there are some details that need to be taken into consideration, like if a person records a video with his or her mobile phone then sometimes he forgets to change the orientation of the camera and the resultant video comes out in a landscape mode. So the problem that arises is that when you try to upload this video to a social networking site or a web video hosting site then the video uploaded is in landscape mode and it is really embarrassing for the person who uploaded it since all the people think that the person does not even have the decency of rotating the video into the correct orientation.

So for the rescue, here we are with an online video rotating service that rotates the orientation of your video in order to make it feasible for you to upload it online. This website known as the is an online service which allows you to rotate a number of video file formats like AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV, or MP4 format in clockwise or anticlockwise directions. The website itself claims that there will be a mild quality loss in the process but that would be negligible and it uses ffmpeg and encoder tools.

All you have to do is upload your video file in the acceptable format to this website and the video will be rotated for you. So if you are worried that someone will see the videos the you want to rotate then you need not worry as your privacy is totally maintained within the process and no one is allowed to view the contents of your file. In our point of view it is really easy for someone to rotate your videos when you need them. This service is totally free and no registration is required.This website is available in two other languages as well Dutch and Spanish.

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