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May 30, 2011

Onscreen Multilingual Virtual Keyboard – Supports All World Languages

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It is well known that our Indian civilization is one of the oldest and and richest, not only that but at the same time it has a vast diversity of knowledge and education. Till now people try to come to this country and learn the different Vedas and all the other literature that was made available to us through our ancestors.

Sometimes I get really annoyed by the fact that all the citizens of this country are forgetting their own culture and they are forgetting our own languages as well. It is really important that we save our languages and culture so that we don’t get lost in the globalization of the world which is causing all of us to adopt English as a single language.

Just to give you a hint, I think that most of us wouldn’t even have seen a Hindi keyboard which is the national language and let alone other languages which might not even see a keyboard with their print on it. So how can we try to promote our language when there is not even a keyboard present in the market with that specific language. Well here we are with a new online tool that can give you the answer and it can help you type in not only one language but a plenty of them. This online multi lingual keyboard can be used on the website known as This free tool is available to all the users without any registration and the best part is that there is no registration required.

This tool not only lets you type in a number of languages but it also lets you download, save or copy your typed inputs. There are numerous shortcuts so that you can do all the tasks with ease without wasting your time. Other things which you can do include, write email, tweet, and post your typed matter to a number of websites like Facebook, YouTube and news sites. This tool supports both physical and visual keyboard inputs. Visual keyboard input is also a very useful tool for all the casual users since they can find a little bit difficulty in using the physical keyboard with another language.

In the end we would like to say that this can be a very useful tool for all the people who like to chat in their native languages with all their loved ones and also if you need to find out a meaning of a specific word from a different language then this tool will be very handy.

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