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June 18, 2012

Open Tabs Opened In Google Chrome Browser On Other Computer

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Many times we are in the middle of some work and then we get an important work or suppose you are getting late for office but you had opened some tab on your home web browser you can save tabs and later open them but only on your home web browser in which you are working on.

If you change your web browser frequently or work on many computers then you might face a problem that tabs saved by you on one computer or web browser wont be accessible on other computer or web browser, then what to do to get all saved tabs ?

In this case a web extension or add-on called Surfon is for you, it allows you to get Sync your saved tabs on one computer or web browser across another very easily. It allows you to save your tabs with just a right click or you can even use button on your web browsers toolbar.


This web service works on almost all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, to get started with it first you need to make account on Surfon and then download the extension or add-on.

If you wanna save any page then right click on it and save it or even you can also save whole tabs too, for it click on your toolbar’s button and click on Save Tabs to save tabs which are opened at that time.


To load your tabs just click on Load Tabs buttons and your tab will be loaded or opened in new web browser or computer, as all your data is saved on Surfon server then you don’t have to fear for the loss of data.

To see your saved tab you can click on the button Saved Tabs at the bottom of the pop-up on toolbar and it will let you see all your Saved Tabs.

[  Visit Site :- Surfon ] 

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