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July 13, 2012

Organize Gmail Attachment More Effectively and Easily

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As from the origin of email services they had made significant changes and they allow us to communicate with any one in this globe, you can send attachments too with your email, you can send your birthday photos to your friends or can send a project to your boss.

As you use email you get lots of attachments in your inbox, you can either download them on your computer or just leave them on your inbox, but when later you need then you might be in trouble because searching attachment on your inbox is not an easy task at all.

But now you can make a better search and do more with your attachments, Attachment.Me is an free online web service which allows you to search your Gmail attachments easily and it not only connect with your Gmail account but it also connects your DropBox, Box and Google Drive Account too.

To get started you need to you need to visit Attachment.Me website and create account using your Google Account, once you create account it will send an email to you on which it ask you to take a tour by installing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension and in meanwhile it will fetch your Gmail attachments.

If you install extension you will be able to organize your attachments more easily, you can send files right from your inbox to any of your Cloud service like DropBox or Box, when you get an email with attachment you will see an option to send file on cloud at right side,


When you click on it, it will show your connected accounts, just select the account folder where you wanna send file.


You can also create some rules, like if you wanna send all files which you get from your Boss to your Dropbox so that you can have access it from anywhere, even from your phone too then just create an rule.


Searching attachments is very easy with Attachment.Me as it nicely integrate itself with Gmail search and allows you to search attachments very easily.


Another thing which I liked most is that while composing mail it allows you to attach files from your cloud service too, or even if you are attaching file from your computer then it provide option to save it on your cloud service.


You can enter into its web interface and make search there too, it has a sleek and minimal web interface which allows you to search documents on this basis of its type like Music, Document and so on.

You can directly email files from its web interface too no need to download and uploading to your email service, it also has an nice iPhone which allows you to search and email attachments easily.

Visit Site :- Attachment.Me

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