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July 8, 2011

Organize Online Meeting With Friends For Free

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Many time we need to make a project with our friends which we have to submit tomorrow or within short time, if your friends are nearer to you then you can rush to his/her home and work with them but if you are far then problem comes.

ShowDocument here came to rescue you, Its been developed by HBR labs, ShowDocument is an online web application which allows you to organize online collaborations with your friend or do web meetings, upload, share and review documents from any locations.


Its very easy to use, suppose many users are working on a project then all of them will be able to edit the document same time, on screen you can see the cursor of all with their name below it,

While editing any documents you can use chat box to chat with your friends and discuss the work, it allows you to do Voice, Video and Text chat.

You can upload and edit documents like PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and text files, after uploading documents it will show your file in a simple Flash supported editor.

You can use Pen to write something, marker to mark or highlight the line, you can use white out tool to white out the sentence or a word.

One of its best thing is that it allows you to download the edited document in the same format in which you had uploaded it, like if you had uploaded a PDF file then you can edit it and the can download the edit file in PDF.

There are 3 ways to call your friends on ShowDocuments for editing :-

  • Once you upload you will get a code which you can send to your friends an ask then to visit site and enter that code,
  • You can send then direct link to your file, Or
  • You can send then emails

ShowDocument is very easy to use and the main thing is that its free.

You can also take a look at the video below to know more :-



Visit site :- ShowDocument

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