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December 14, 2009 – Save and Read WebPages later

Did you stumble on a very interesting link while looking for some other information? Were you tempted to check it in detail but work and strict deadlines played a spoilsport? Now, when you have the time, you can’t recall the webpage which caught your attention last time. Here is a web application which functions like a bookmark for your Web Browser. allows you to save the WebPages in an online database for a later reading.

Here is a list of steps to use this Web Application:

  1. Register on the website with a username and password of your choice.
  2. Drag the ‘Read Later’ link which is found after successful registration to your browser’s Bookmark bar.
  3. In case of Internet Explorer, right click the ‘Read Later’ link and choose the option ‘Add to Favorites’.
  4. Now, browse the web and save the web pages by clicking the bookmark.
  5. For future viewing, login with your credentials on the website and you will find the saved pages.

The users can easily delete the pages from the ‘Read later’ list with just a single click. One important thing to note is that once PaperSpan is set on one browser, it will still have to be again set on the remaining browsers. This online utility is a good clone of Bookmark and saves you from the additional browsing required to revisit a webpage you accidently stumbled on. There is no limit to the number of pages that you can save. Relish the content of any Webpage at your convenience with this awesome online bookmark.


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