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June 13, 2009

PeaceKeeper – Test Your Browser Performance

PaceKeeper is an online application that is based on java and helps in determining which browser is better for our PC. It runs the tests online and in the end provides statistics that determine which browser is best suited for our PC.

Internet is fastest growing technology right now and to use Internet we need browser. For this numbers of browsers coming up with more and more new features are coming up like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome etc.

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Every browser provides some unique facility to the user and promises to be better than the other. The fact is that the fight between different browsers has never been that as hotly contested as it is now.

A naive user doesn’t know which browser is better. They just judge it on the basis of their experience but there is more to it than they know. So to check which one is better there are more tests that needs to be performed. Peacekeeper provides such facility to the user.

Steps of Procedure for this Site

1. Click on the “Benchmark Your Browser” link on the home page.

2. Series of tests will start taking a few minutes. Do not click anything while the tests are executing.

3. Check the results for your PC.

4. Run test again on different browser and check the results.


Peacekeeper is a portal that is based on java and tests various browsers on your PC and determines which one is the best for your PC. It is a free online benchmark tool which is quick and measures the efficiency of the browser very quickly. The score indicated at the end of the test determines which browser is more responsive to dynamic pages and is faster and smoother than the other browsers within the limits of your Internet connection speed.

It performs 6 different performance measures based on JavaScript functionality, which are: Rendering, Social Networking, Complex Graphics, Data, DOM Operations and Text Parsing. For more detailed information on these tests,check out their FAQ section. The process analyzes how your browser performs in all these tests and the result is the mean of these tests.

Editor’s View

Peacekeeper is a wonderful site for the Internet users who wants to see which browser is most suited for their PC. It checks the system thoroughly and provides well calculated results. Also the site is easy to use and no registration is required plus there is no need to download any software . Only one problem is there in this is that it does not test the security of the browser. But all in all it’s a very handy tool to be used.


Our Rating: 4/5 | Visit

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  1. Thanks for creating this article and sharing your thoughts about Peacekeeper. To keep up with the latest Peacekeeper updates and browser news follow FM_Peacekeeper on Twitter.

    Thanks again,
    Futuremark, creators of Peacekeeper

    Comment by James — June 14, 2009 @ 5:49 pm

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