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April 3, 2010 – Trace A Lost Mobile Phone

Filed under: Online Tools — Tags: — Kabir @ 12:00 pm, a web site designed exclusively to help you keep things in place and prevent misplacement. Common things which people normally tend to misplace includes keys, mobile phones, purses, wallets etc. It is estimated that about 10% of people tend to forget their keys, 20%  their mobile phones and 25% lose their keys out of carelessness. Here, phone halo device comes handy which helps you protect your things from being misplaced or lost. It is an extremely important device which helps you to keep a track of your belongings which not only cost a few extra bucks but also are an integral part of our lifestyle.

You can tag your belongings with a phone halo sensor which connects with your belongings whenever you part ways with it and notifies you. It works on the following principle; as soon as you move away (a certain distance) from your “Halo’d” belonging, a software application on your Blackberry or any other Android enabled phone rings and notifies you about that belonging. You have to buy the device and the software which will be installed on your phone. 1 Halo device along with the software can be bought for a whopping 59.99$.

Halo device performs the following functions:-

  • Protect: It helps you protect your belongings from misplacement. Whenever you move away from your Halo’d device, the software in your Android enabled phone notifies you.
  • Find: What more can you ask for? You can even find your belongings using Halo. Simply hit the find button on your phone and bang on, an alarm rings on the halo’d device.
  • Locate: Now, here is the best part of it all. You can even locate your “lost” item. The halo device comes with an integrated GPS and Google Maps. So, you can easily locate your lost belonging and find an answer to the common question “Where did I forget?”
  • Share: Enlist your friends on the search for your stuff. This will allow Google Maps to text message, e-mail and even post on your social networks the location of your lost belonging.

It’s an easy and a convenient way to keep a track of your things. Just log onto the web site to buy it.

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About is a website where you can buy and/or download a software and install as an application a software known as Halo, on your Android enabled phone. This software rings an alarm whenever you exceed a certain distance from your halo’d device, thus helping you remind that you have to take that belonging along. The belonging can be your keys, wallets, purses etc. It comes with a small device as well which is attached to the belonging.

How is helpful?

It is undoubtedly very helpful, as you can buy your halo device exclusively from this website. Apart from this, you can learn about more features of the same device.

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