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May 29, 2009 – Free Photos For Commercial Use

Photl is a web site that is the owner and distributor of the largest collection of exclusive free photos (Free Stock Photo Images) of high resolution for commercial purposes. They are absolutely free and are intended to be used in commercial activity.

All the photo images can be used as a whole and also partially (their fragments). After a simple and quick registration (necessary for a better functioning of the resource) your account will be immediately activated and you will be granted with full access to all the great images.

The allowed limit of downloading is 45Mb of traffic per day, for this reason for a more complete usage of the photo image base please search the photos carefully and download the images you liked in the necessary size. For example, 45Mb of traffic can enclose two images 22 Mb each (resolution of 5616×3744), 4 images 11 Mb each (resolution 4368×2912), 10 images of average resolution (1440×1920), or 20 images of small resolution (1024×1280).

If necessary you can take advantage of the function of search based on this or another color. To perform this operation after you inserted the key word you need to choose the necessary color by pressing the rainbow button of the color palette. Having done this you can start searching.

All the images on the site were made in the years 2007 and 2009. The specialty of this web site is that all photo images were made by professional photographers specially for this and are fully owned by this photo bank. So all the photos at this site are exclusive and are placed only here.

Also the photo bank’s portfolio is continually increased, by about 10000-15000 a month. This site also provides you with the advantage of using their photo images in any printed and other physical products of any circulation for free.

This is really a great site with good freedom and collection. This site is really a gem for image collectors.


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  1. wow. its really a great site, especially the advantage of the function of search based on this or another color. Its really interesting and saves time.

    Comment by Daisy — June 11, 2010 @ 12:40 pm

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