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June 5, 2012

Place Order To Food Restaurants From Mobile Phone

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When you visit a restaurants then before placing an order you take a took at the menu of them which is presented by waiters to you, many times when you visit your favorite restaurants then you will be served with the same boring and traditional paper menu, which only tells you what are your options and what are there price.

Do you ever imagine of something more? no, then here is something unique and new, as we all knows technology is entering every where and making our life more easy and simpler, Addictab is a new service which is launched by Infologic Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, it’s a electronic menu for restaurants, food shops, food courts or even for coffee shops.

Addictab allows you to put your restaurants in Tablet and present them to your customers in some unique form. As you are presenting menu in electronic form your customer will also feel good, and they can place orders easily because now they are not getting only names of food but they can also see how food will look like.


And the worst time any customer feel is when he has to wait for his order to arrive at his table, but if you use Addictab then your customer can play games or the can browse through the apps on the tablet while their order comes.


Add on the other hand you will also feel easy to make changes in your menu, suppose you had added some more items to your list or had removed some, or you can say that you had made changes in the prices of your items then you can easily make changes rather then re-printing new menus over and over again.

You will be able to get feedback on your services easily to, we all knows that all of us hate to fill a paper form, but when it comes to typing something on tablet then most of us wanna try it.

If you wanna use this system on your business then visit site and contact them via email to know their pricing and policies.

Visit Site :- Addictab

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