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January 9, 2012

Platform For App Developers To Connect With Users

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Apps have always been user-centric where the general consumer enjoys the core position while developers are at the peripheral. For any product to be successful, the developer who creates an app must engage with the real users and understand their perspective. This small effort goes a long way in building the rapport with the customers as well in enhancement of tool.

There are very few effective avenues for the men behind the apps to reach out to the consumer base and interact on a regular basis. One amazing app which exactly serves this purpose of engagement of app owners with the users is Appoxee. It creates a win-win situation by facilitating a communication link between the two parties.

Now, the question is how it happens. In crude words, appoxee provides an inbox specific for you particular application and as an owner you have the privilege to reach out to all your app users via emails. You can send notifications, promotional coupons, reminders, upgrade announcements and a lot more. All these messages go to the app inbox and the user can access the messages directly. This embedded app can ensure that your app stays in the mind of user who is anyways flooded with options to choose from.

Some of the key benefits of Appoxee are:

  • Simple integration into your app in less than 7 minutes.
  • Multiple types of messages can be sent including videos, cards, animations, pictures.
  • App developer can send unlimited Push Notifications and HTML5 Messages.
  • Free of Cost.
  • In-built feedback tool where your users rate your app and share their concerns and appreciate the good things.
  • In depth analysis of you app including its user base and their activities on the app.

The only flipside to this innovative app which may not go down well is that appoxee currently supports iOS only which limits its usage to Apple based tools. However, the owners have plans to extending the services to Android SDK and other web applications.

All in all, a great engagement tool and tool to watch out for if you are an app developer.


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