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July 7, 2011

Play The Worlds Biggest Pacman Video Game Online For Fun

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Well all of us who took birth in the 80’s and 90’s dont need an explanation on who pacman is. Still to all those who are unaware let me explain, Pacman is a video game icon which has ruled the minds of children for more than 30 years. In this video game a person needs to guide through a character through different levels on mazes in order to eat all the dots without being caught by the villains.

Technically speaking Pacman is a arcade game developed by NAMCO and was released in Japan on 22nd May 1980. During its lifetime Pacman has inspired many merchandise and other things like television series and a top ten hit single. The character of Pacman has appeared in many spin off sequels and it enjoys the highest level of brand awareness than any other video game character.

Enough been said, I am sure that most of our readers who have not tried this game in their lifetime would be craving to try this game and check for themselves why this game is so popular. Well, here we are with an online version of this game which not only allows you to play this game online but also enables you to create mazes for yourself and choose from a number of already available ones. This website known as gives you the same experience of the past era of video games. That was the time when only a few of these games were available and video game enthusiasts had the more or the same version of this game locally.

The best part is that users can log into the website using their Facebook account and share their game stats with other users and friends. The two boxes on the homepage show Global and the users stats, with this information a user can compare his gameplay with the other players globally. All you need is already displayed in the information box like Pac dots eaten, Lives Lost, Mazes created and more.

Using this website is really simple and no signup is required, all you have to do is play as a guest if you dont want to play as a Facebook account user. The instructions are clearly shown once you choose the maze and start playing the game. Also if you think that there is some problem with the maze then you can always report that maze to the website using the “Report Maze”button.

In the end we would definitely recommend you to try out this iconic game and if at once you dont enjoy playing it then visualize that you are in the 80’s and playing an awesome game of that era.

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