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December 9, 2010

PlayStation News And Analysis From Around The Internet At One Place

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All of you PS fans out there, get ready for this one! We introduce you to this latest web site, that is, which provides information about everything from the world of gaming. Be it a game review, game trailers, blogs of various game developers or the latest news from the world of gaming, N4PS has all of it, just for you. Now, no need to go through the net, N4PS does that for you and places it at one place.

N4PS takes into account the accuracy of the news since it believes in giving precise and correct information. The developers have their own sources and techniques when it comes to accuracy of the news. To verify the accuracy of the news or update (s) they perform certain calculations that takes into account the popularity of the news article and also the source. The best part about this web tool is that it works on both your PSP and PS3.

As soon as you log in to the homepage, you’ll be able to see the latest feeds. Updates on various games and/or developers. Click on any of them to know more. The web page will look like the snapshot shown below.

As you’ll click on the news which interests you, you’ll be transferred onto a different web address and news about the game will be displayed which can be read easily. There is also an archive section which you can view, so if you missed a news which your friends told you, come to and check if its true or just a rumor. The archive page is shown below.

Users can even a “Who’s on the List” page which shows blogs of various game developers. Thus, in a way, latest news can be easily viewed by directly clicking on the link to their blogs. A snapshot of the blogs listed on their web site is shown below.

In our opinion, the web site is a great concept, looks very elegant and the UI complements the concept of the web site. With free and unlimited usage, we think its worth giving a shot and with no registrations it wouldn’t take your time either. So go ahead and read more about your favorite games and upcoming releases.

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